Our culture is diverse, trendsetting, comprehensive, cohesive, influential and a class on its own. VIPsocio is your integrated platform for tickets, events, influencers, merchandise and services for Black Culture.

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If you are wondering what kind of a place you are going to visit when you participate in this exicting conference, move your mouse to the point you wish to see. Take a complete tour throughout the conference area. See beforehand the place we are going to host you.

Find exclusive Events and Venues in your city. Discover the perfect experience. Reserve your tickets to exclusive events. Book VIP tickets to the best clubs, Lounges and nightlife in your city.


Find Exclusive Events and Venues in your city. Discover the Perfect Experience


Reserve your Tickets to Exclusive Events. Book VIP Tickets to the Best clubs, Lounges and Nightclubs in your city


Enjoy Your New Social Experience

Hearing about an event too late which you would have really liked to experience, or not being connected to your community socially can be troublesome for you. This is what VIPsocio aims to eliminate, with each and every aspect of Afro culture through various events presented right in front of you. We are a one-stop center to keep you updated and informed about what’s going on – right from musical events, to art exhibitions, dance plays, competitions, sports events, tradeshows, fashion events, food and drink happenings, networking and business meets, parties and nightlife – created and hosted by the Afro community, for the global community.

Meet up with like-minded people in your community, connect to your history and roots, engage in some impactful learning sessions, let your hair lose with a fun night, or groove to the Jazz, Afrobeats or Hip-Hop music – and much more.

All you have to do is browse the events either by date, location or category, pick one you interested in going to, and book your ticket online – as simple as that.

For event creators, just list your event with date, time, venue and event price, and let the popularity surge with VIPsocio, having followers from across the country and globally, to see your event being sold out quickly. Seamless event creation, promotion, and management for all your Afro cultural events. Whether you are looking to find a social event nearby, or want to list your event to sell tickets,

VIPsocio offers the perfect platform to find the right connection and engagement. Meaningful Live Experiences – For the Community, From the Community – Explore Now!