VIPsocio, started by us and built by us for us. We believe the Afro communities of the world are the most vibrant, loving, active, diverse and entertaining places in the world and we are very proud to represent them well on VIPsocio, give our small businesses and entrepreneurs a voice and the exposure they need to thrive in the new millennium.”

Our Interactive features help people with mutual interest; fashion, music, art, choice of events and choice of nightlife entertainment to actually network or even socialize real-time on theVIPsocio App. Having common interests may bring us together, but actually interacting, transacting and chatting with each other is what will unite us.

Our integrated platform allows the community to not only find or create events that are relevant to their respective communities, but also use VIPsocio as a reliable source to find relevant community businesses in any city, locate and rate them and also shop though our reliable and secure marketplace.

Our Teams

team member

Innocent Wamey

founder & ceo

Innocent has the backing of over 17 years of experience in the telecommunications industry holding engineering and leadership positions at Cisco Systems, AT&T, ADVA Networks and Hitachi Telecom. He has extensive experience in technology and startups as founder of the CarbonBlack App, Eventurnup and now VIPsocio. His educational background includes a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State University. “I have always had a great admiration for simple solutions that meet customers at the pain points”.

team member

Ambrose Akenji

Co-Founder and COO

Creativity, confidence and charisma: Not necessarily words used to describe someone with over 18 years of experience as a nurse, but those exactly are some of the traits and characteristics Ambrose embodies. An out-of-the-box thinker-doer who has always been comfortable with social networking and social enterprise, Ambrose brings years of experience in event planning, business startups and a knack for connecting with people from all works of life. His relatability, professionalism and savoir-faire make him an invaluable asset to the team.

team member

Benedict Tubuo


Responsible for overarching strategic direction of the company. He guides the execution of key goals and focusses on partnership development for key markets. A very well rounded leader with prior experiences in FP&A, Strat Planning, Operations and Diversity Initiatives with Fortune 100 Companies - Best Buy Inc., Wells Fargo, SUPERVALU and The Walt Disney Company. He founded and successfully exited Beevest Inc., an equity analytics. “Culture is a deep eye through which we see and experience the world. Our goal is to build an ecosystem for our partners and to curate authentic cultural experiences closer to the consumer wherever they might be in the world.