Kan Yé Scam JESUS?

Now before I speak my mind on this Kanyewest #churchservice marketing prowess ( coz it's marketing at its finest... highest streams ever...etc)  I'd like to precise that I've been a die hard Yé fan from College drop out ... to when he was saying "Bush dont give a damn about black people"... I bought the Nike Reds when kanye designed them and even the 1 4 editions of the Yeezy boosts... 
Kanye is a (musical)genius. That's a fact. Can't say as much for design coz the new clothes and shoes are a hot mess looking like hunger games apparel... his choice of women...hmmm well that's Ye's "dash" of tea...
But anyone who says Kanye is redeemed or buys into that crap- "jesus saved me" bullshit is smoking papaye leaves and bitterleaf! Brother needs help ( I watched the Karaoke airpool interview... and big dog's itv).. he's either bi-polar or losing it... and fortunately he has the money to get proper help for it. 
I was baptized a Christian and later on in my late 20s questioned the veracity,  and relevance of religion to the black man... worshipping a white deity with dubious facts, illogical dogmas and modern day injustice felt by the negro and ignored by the rich and Holy church...
So needless to say I wasn't searching for God when I listened to the whole project... I was searching for GOOD MUSIC Kanye... the kind that was made before ye went west with the assertion that Slavery was a choice and Called Trump his brother... 
Whilst its a good enough musical project,  its lyrically obsolete considering the hype its garnered.  Is it a gospel project? Is this "Christian music"? Your call. Nothing new here. No revelations,  no apologies,  no savior story... the ingredients to a redemption themed art project.  
Jesus lived without money... gave to the poor... had no children (that we know of..) and most of all... died on a cross... crucified by..?
Kanye knows what he has to do... 
I'm not falling for this crap ye! Nope.  Neither should you.
Ps: Kirk Franklin and Yolanda adams still aint got that much love from Yall.. smh
Author: Tïto Vâlery
IG: @Titovalery
FB: Tito Valery


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